bank: your account is at -$5000….

me: |-5000|

me: :)

bank: sorry for wasting your time sir, you have a nice day.

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Imagine your favorite character being misplaced in your world and they need your help to get them back to their world. They end up getting to know you very well over time, taking a liking to you, and when they find a way back they ask you to come with them.

How I feel when Peacemaker by Green Day starts playing:


"One, two, three, four….."


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Attention Supernatural fandom



Let’s take a moment to talk about the awesomeness of Ash


Look at that computer.

Day-um that is one fine lookin’ hunk of metal and wires and shit


Look at how sassy this motherfucker looks.

He don’t take no shit from nobody.

Damn straight.


Business up front, party in the back, bitches.


Self explanitory


All hail Dr. Badass!

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Maybe I should do the Boo Radley Challenge where I stay in my house for 25 years and never leave

This is the greatest literary reference I’ve ever read.

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Just dropped my new single. It’s me. I’m single.

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Keep using music. —Josh Dun, to me, after a show, while i was crying. (via twentymayalive)
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Somehow I feel like Jensen Ackles looks forward to the day that he can yell “get off my lawn” to people walking by

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